Rock Singing Essentials

With this fundamentals of rock singing course, you will learn essential techniques to develop power, range, and endurance in your voice.
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Belt Effortlessly

Extend Your Range

Sing without Fatigue

Confidence in Your Voice

Targeted, time-tested, and proven rock vocal techniques 
20+ years experience teaching and singing rock
Over an hour of detailed instruction and demonstration
Over 95% of students notice immediate results

Rock singing should be effortless.

We show you how to do it right.

Course Content

Learn the essentials of how to sing rock

1. Rock Singing 101

  • Course Overview
  • Welcome
  • The Most Important Thing
  • Singing vs Speech
  • Choosing the Voice You Want
  • Why You Should Be Crying
  • Fach You Voice Type vs Range
  • One Voice
  • Bridging and Connecting
  • Pavarotti Breath Support
  • How to Breathe
  • Why Warm Up?
  • The Best Warm Up
  • Taking Things Further
  • Example Lesson with Matt
  • Example Lesson with Drew

Real Results.

All the exercises are very well explained. Made great progress from scratch. When asking a question you get a quick and comprehensive response from the instructor, which is great.
This is one of the best courses on rock singing I have found over the years. Really well organized, concise material. Excellent technical explanations, and a great variety of approaches. Honest, thorough and clear delivery of the material.
I absolutely loved the course!! Super helpful and no bull! Draven is very visual and really helps you understand how to place your voice without hurting yourself!
Meet YOUR instructor

Draven Grey

Draven Grey, founder of Rock Singing Lessons, has been singing and performing for over two decades. As a Rock Singing Coach, he covers the depths and challenges of rock & metal vocals. As a rock singer and TVS Certified Instructor, he has an exhaustive understanding of the rock voice and knows how to get students to sing with power and control. He'll show you, step-by-step, how to achieve vocal mastery for yourself.

Add control and power to your voice.


Rock Singing Essentials

  • Over 90 minutes on-demand instructional videos
  • Top techniques to add control and power to your voice
  • Exercises to make your voice consistent, rather than breaking, shouting, pulling, or reaching.
  • Understand breath support – the way Pavarotti taught it, and how it applies to rock singing.
  • Less push – more power. In these videos, we will show you how!
  • ________
  • Two complete first-lesson recordings from our rock singing instructors. 
  • Support from our expert coaches and dedicated community of rock & metal singers.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 100% Customer Service.
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