Extreme Singing

Build powerful vocal distortion, rasp, grit, rattle, scream, and growl - all without grinding your throat.
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Healthy Distortion

Effortless Grit

Scream without Strain

Stop Losing Your Voice.
Start Training It Instead.

Do you know the techniques essential to train your voice?
  • You spend more time sifting through vocal exercises than doing them.
  • You lack endurance, power, and control even after years of practice.
  • You’re concerned about vocal fatigue, tension and strain when adding distortion to your voice.

Singing and screaming should be effortless.

We show you how to do it right.

Confidence in Your Voice

Targeted, time-tested, and proven rock & metal vocal techniques 
20+ years experience teaching and singing rock
8+ hours of detailed instruction and demonstration
Over 95% of students notice immediate results
This is the best course on grit and screaming that I have seen anywhere - by a landslide! I love Melissa Cross, but her DVD’s come nowhere close to this. Draven addresses every aspect of vocal distortion, his exercises are practical, and best of all…they work!
— Jordan Crowe


Get Access

With a one-time purchase, get access to over 60 lecture videos with detailed instruction, targeted vocal workouts, and audio training routines.

Train Your Voice

Shape your sound rather than push for it. We'll help you master the simple and effective techniques designed for rock and metal vocals.

Sing with Confidence

Mastering your voice isn't difficult. You just need the right guide. Enroll in Extreme Singing and begin singing and screaming with confidence.



Wide Range of Styles

Shape your voice to the style you want, from a light rasp to the most brutal scream.

Confident Distortion

Overcome the misconceptions of vocal distortion and learn how to avoid vocal damage.

Effortless Grit & Screaming

Stop pushing and start shaping and relaxing into distortion - no more grinding or hurting your throat.

Breath Support

Understand the mechanics of proper breath support to relieve tension and amplify your voice.

Stamina & Endurance

Build the conditioning your voice needs to distort when you want and as long as you need.

Lasting Results

Know exactly which vocal exercises to do to get you the results you want for years to come.

Course Content

10 Sections •  83 Learning Units • 5h 24m total length

Real Results.

I have fixed my scream and opened up my singing range to a level I never could have imagined. If you are looking for a comprehensive course on distortion, look no further!
What a fantastic course! Very in-depth and addicting. Draven makes you feel at ease with each lesson and he believes that you can achieve what you’re looking for in your voice - it just takes time, patience, and practice. You will get there!
I absolutely loved the course!! Super helpful and no bull! Draven is very visual and really helps you understand how to place your voice without hurting yourself!
Meet YOUR instructor

Draven Grey

Draven Grey, founder of Rock Singing Lessons, has been singing and performing for over two decades. As a Rock Singing Coach, he covers the depths and challenges of rock & metal vocals. As a rock singer and TVS Certified Instructor, he has an exhaustive understanding of the rock voice and knows how to get students to sing with power and control. He'll show you, step-by-step, how to achieve vocal mastery for yourself.

Sing & Scream with Power.


Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming

  • Comprehensive step-by-step approach to vocal distortion
  • 5+ hours of on-demand instructional videos
  • Detailed demonstration on how to practice each technique
  • Targeted vocal workouts to build power, distortion, and endurance
  • Full Lifetime Access
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  • BONUS!
  • Audio training files to train along with on the go

  • Downloadable Course Notes
  • Practice routines to increase stamina and eliminate fatigue.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 100% Customer Service. 
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