Vocal Distortion pt.1: Grit & Screams Done Right

Jul 1 / Draven Grey
Delve into the spectrum of vocal distortion, from grit to screams, and how to find the right balance. Discover the physical mechanics of distortion, various screaming techniques, and the parallels with other types of singing. Learn the best improvement methods, warning signs, and the importance of breath support and compression in mastering distortion without harm, allowing you to master your screams and grit with minimal pain.

In This Episode...

  • The spectrum of vocal distortion and the difference between grit and screams
  • Finding the proper balance between screaming and grit
  • Fixing the most misunderstood thing about screams and distortion
  • What actually happens (physically) when distorting
  • Screaming in various ways, from high to low
  • Distortion is the same position for everyone, but there are a ton of different approaches
  • One of the best ways to improve distortion early on
  • The parallels between distortion and classical singing
  • One of the fastest ways to develop grit
  • If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong, but don’t be afraid to explore
  • Developing loud distortion and expecting it to take a long time, especially for low distortion
  • The power of curiosity and following the process
  • The primary warning signs when learning distortion and knowing when to step away
  • Knowing the difference between grinding forward and conditioning for the extra vibration happening in the false cords
  • The primary reason distortion goes wrong: going too hard
  • Perceived loudness vs physical loudness
  • Changing the acoustics that distortion happens around vs the actual distortion
  • Why you should be crying: how to get compression without yelling
  • One of the easiest ways to get into distortion: learning how to use compression correctly
  • What pushing actually is and its difference from bracing
  • The importance of breath support and its placement
  • Becoming comfortable with making weird sounds and moving the voice around: learning to scream
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