Are These Rock and Metal Singing Myths Holding You Back?

Jun 1 / Draven Grey
There are far too many myths, ignorant statements,, and misconceptions that hold us back as singers; especially in the world of rock and metal. Some are incredibly limiting, others are overly cautious, and even others are downright wrong and a complete misunderstanding of how the voice works – which we’ve heard other vocal teachers repeat as truth! Join us as the other Rock Singing Lessons teachers and I address the top myths we hear far too often, hopefully answering some big questions for you and helping you get the breakthrough in your voice you’ve been wanting.

In This Episode...

  • Talent vs intuition: why “you have it or you don’t” is BS
  • You’re not stuck in a certain range and can train to expand it
  • Barring a medical issue, It’s always possible to train for the voice you want
  • The benefits of knowing what you’re capable of and looking at live performances of songs
  • The power of meeting the essentials and not expecting perfection
  • You’re allowed to change songs to make them easier to sing
  • You’re not confined to a certain vocal categorization
  • Knowing what actually impacts your voice vs what people say impacts your voice
  • The difference between what hurts your voice and what you should be paying attention to
  • Thinking of distortion as an effect rather than a different type of singing
  • Why you should be trying to keep a natural larynx rather than a neutral larynx
  • Varying techniques: why all technique doesn’t transfer to all genres
  • The #1 thing holding you back from a successful singing career: thinking you don’t have time
  • Finding time & space to practice singing even with full-time commitments or limited options
  • Simple ways to practice singing when you don’t have much time to dedicate specifically to singing
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