Leveraging Creativity to 10X Your Music Career

Jun 16 / Draven Grey
In this episode, Michael Amidei and I explore essential strategies for a successful music career, from the importance of storytelling and balancing creativity with focus to the power of high-quality production. Learn why hiring experts, testing the market, and setting ambitious goals are key to growth, and discover how to leverage your resources and unique skills to amplify your progress.

In This Episode...

  • Why you need to lean into storytelling
  • Creative distractions vs focusing
  • The problem with pivoting directions for others
  • Finishing projects vs releasing at the right time
  • Testing the market before producing more
  • Competition vs being #1 in your own category
  • The power of producing high-quality and working with world-class people
  • Why hiring experts is the best answer to getting things done and growing your music career
  • How and when to hire a team to amplify your progress, even without a budget
  • Spending money on what helps move you forward vs good ideas
  • Working with what you have to amplify your creativity
  • What to learn about or buy for recording on your own to save time in the studio
  • When to hire help, like a producer, for songwriting and recording
  • Hiring the RIGHT team of experts
  • Why you should lean into what you are good at and what makes you unique
  • The benefits of 10X goals and going big
  • How to break the cycle of going nowhere, and finally get the boost you need
  • What are the next most critical steps you should take?
  • How to leverage what you have to get the highest quality out of your recordings
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