30 Years of Rock Industry Lessons

Jun 1 / Draven Grey
Learn from 30 years of experience of a professional musician, songwriter, performer, producer, and recording engineer. In this episode, I’m joined by long-time friend Michael Amidei who interviews me on what I’ve learned over my 30-year music career.

In This Episode...

  • Knowing the right people and forming valuable relationships: It’s about who you know and if you’re worth knowing
  • Overcoming the challenges of studio recording as a band and why learning to record is important
  • Why hiring people based on their potential is dangerous and what to do instead
  • The top three things that you should consider if you want to be a professional musician, singer, or performing artist
  • Why working with what you have is extremely valuable
  • Finding your ideal fan: How to sell a specific idea based on what people want
  • Learning from failure, tragedy, and hardship
  • How to combine passion and value to propel your music career forward
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